Yoga for Physical and Mental Fitness

– You can start off with the simple and basic practice like Surya namaskar which can also be called sun salutations. This practice enhances your activity and keeps you fit.

Initially try to complete 3 to 5 cycles of Surya namaskar and then, once you are comfortable you can increase the cycles to 21 or even more per day.

Surya namaskar depicts the energy of Surya Deva, the Sun and this energy is believed to be carried on the right side of our body. Thus, Surya namaskar should always be initiated with your right leg.

This practice totally includes 24 steps and is divided into 12 counts for both the side of your body. It is always good to pray and salute the sun before heading off with the practice.

Yoga for mental fitness– After the completion of Surya namaskar, your physical body is worked up and now it’s time to work on your mental body, you can do this by practicing Pranayama which is a breathing technique that controls the prana or vital forces; there are many types which include khand pranayama, bhramari pranayama and kapalbhati pranayama.

Ultimately, practicing meditation enhances optimism and drains out all the negative thoughts and unwanted toxins from your body. Meditation also improves your healing ability, fixes your mood, keeps you focused and relaxes you completely.

Since we all are undergoing a lot of stress in COVID-19 pandemic situations, yoga being a cheap and safe practice, gives us a ray of hope in attaining physical and mental fitness by just staying home and practicing it on your mat.

Always remember to practice yoga on a mat and not to force your body too much. Stay home, stay safe and stay yogi!

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