What Is the Glo Fitness App?

Like millions of Americans who have been social distancing since March, hitting up my twice-weekly Orangetheory Fitness class truly seems like a foreign concept at this point. And while running outside has been key to maintaining my mental health, I found myself craving workouts I could do in my tiny apartment once the workday ended. After trying a handful of YouTube videos, I started looking into programs that would help me become a better athlete.

Always drawn to contact sports and competitive long-distance running, I had never consistently focused on my flexibility or my whole-body well-being. And frankly, I paid for it. I was often sore after long runs, and my hips frequently locked up throughout the day. Sure, I wanted to look OK in a bathing suit, but there’s so much more to health than having a toned butt and muscular arms. With a ton of time on my hands and a newfound understanding of what it means to be in good shape, I began using the Glo fitness program, which offers more than 3,500 classes on yoga, Pilates, meditation, and beyond.

I wanted to look OK in a bathing suit, but there’s so much more to health than having a toned butt and muscular arms.

“My intention to start Glo more than a decade ago is the same as it is today: to make it easy for anyone to integrate self-care into their everyday life,” Derik Mills, founder and CEO of Glo, told POPSUGAR. “Yoga and meditation were constants for me, so we began with these practices, but I always looked forward to the day that we could expand our offering. Pilates was a natural next step because it shares a focus on breath awareness and the mind-body connection. We have also added breathwork, cardio, strength training, and HIIT — all practices that encourage well-rounded self-care for mind, body, and heart.”

Until the pandemic, I didn’t realize that being physically healthy truly starts from within. Sometimes you simply need to swap the kettlebells for a 40-minute yoga flow to feel good. It just depends on what your body needs that particular day. “We create our yoga, meditation, Pilates, and fitness classes with the understanding that the self-care we need looks a little different every day,” he explained. “On some days we need slow, gentle stretching, while on others we need to push ourselves and break a sweat. In a time in which people increasingly need these practices, Glo offers an important solution and a much-needed sense of community that is accessible.”

A true beginner in every category, I was certain I’d be in way over my head, but after taking my first yoga class, I learned that you have to start somewhere, and Glo has offerings for athletes of all experience levels. Another huge plus? You can sort the classes by how much time you have, which means a 10-minute meditation is definitely possible during your lunch break. Scroll ahead to learn about the yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes you can access on Glo for just $18 per month using the desktop version and $23 per month for the app.

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