We tried these 7 cleansing balms and they’re perfect for your daily double-cleanse

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Creating a skincare regime that’s not just effective but performance-based is not easy. But if you have a few basics in place, an ideal regime is do-able and your skin will thrive and thank you for it. Whether it’s applying serums the right way, layering on products effectively or choosing ingredients that bring in maximum results – it all starts with a good cleanse. And a good cleanse is about two things: Never stripping your skin barrier and double-cleansing to perfection every night. Aggressive face washes, especially foaming face washes have the tendency to leave your face dry and irritated. And if you are looking at ones that are too gentle, you could be leaving dirt, makeup, sunscreen remains and debris overnight which means, skin getting dehydrated and your pores being clogged. It’s a tricky space, if you ask us. A look at the best cleansing balms available in India for all your double-cleansing needs.

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What is double-cleansing?

Double cleaning refers to cleaning your skin twice. Once with a balm or an oil, and second with a face wash that is gentle and easy on your skin depending on your skin type. But even with a good face wash and micellar water, you have to try another step, use a balm / oil that is oil-based that can really remove all your foundation, mascara, remains of any sunscreen and work gently on your skin, nourishing and moisturising it. Double-cleansing is a miracle skin step if you use silicone-based skincare products regularly.

How to wash your skin

“Invest in your basics. Double cleansing is important if you are regular makeup wearer and always use a pH-balanced face wash. You can also choose two cleansers: one with salicylic acid and the other to hydrate. If choosing a foaming cleanser, make sure it’s free of SLS,” advises Dr.Geetika Mittal of Issac Luxe. The ground rule being, oily skin can work with foaming / gel face washes, normal skin can go with most face washes and dry skin with a lotion-based, creamy face washes.

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How to cleanse with a balm

A good cleansing balm emulsifies and dissolves stubborn makeup and sunscreen giving your skin a breather. Want exceptional results? Massage over dry skin and not wet skin for good results. Secondly, use a steamy muslin cloth to remove leftover makeup.

We’ve put together 7 of the top cleansing balms in India that will make your double-cleanse as fuss-free as possible. All if them have been personally tested and tried by us so you can be rest assured that they perform beautifully.

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