Virtual Yoga And Wine Tasting With The Sounds Of Cloudy Bay

For many, relaxation comes from wine, yoga or music. For Cloudy Bay winery, relaxation comes from the synergy of all three. On Thursday, October 1st from 7:00pm-8:30pm (EST), Cloudy Bay, New Zealand’s vibrant Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough has curated the  The Sounds of Cloudy Bay with an online “Wine Down.”

The meditative Vino Vinyasa Flow will be led by founder and instructor Morgan Perry who knows all about balance. “At our events, we taste wine mindfully after yoga, not during. We believe in making both yoga and wine approachable & fun!”

During yoga, Perry will incorporate a Spotify playlist, The Sounds of Cloudy Bay, assembled by Technical Director Jim White of Cloudy Bay winery. This wanderlust musical dream features a curated journey through Cloudy Bay winery including recordings from the estate’s Marlborough and Central Otago vineyards.

Each track was carefully selected by winemaker Jim White, “who believes each number will influence the notes in the glass.” Which is the whole point, Jim White assures and “showcases the change in tasting perception when the body and mind are relaxed.”

See below for more Q&A with winemaker Jim White and Vino Vinyasa Flow instructor Morgan Perry. Register through Eventbrite here.

Why does wine, music and yoga pair so well?

JW: Sound influences the way we taste wines, as does the state of being relaxed. Music can affect the way we register the acidity, fruit flavors and texture of wine. For instance, when listening to a melodic song, imbibers may taste crisp and vibrant notes. Similarly, when listening to heavy music, such as rock, the wine may taste richer and heavier. 

Relaxation techniques such as a yoga, meditation, or simply listening to the soothing Sounds of Cloudy Bay Spotify playlist all help open up the senses and release tension. Consequently, tasting wine when relaxed will help you to truly focus on what your palate is experiencing and give the impression that the tasting notes of the wines are enhanced.

 MP: Yoga is all about moving mindfully and being in the present moment. The music helps to transport you to another place—in this case, to New Zealand, and you’re able to concentrate on the sounds as you flow, as well as learn some wine facts. This mindful, disciplined movement connects the body and mind, and both yoga and music have been known to calm the mind. After we practice, with this calmer state of mind comes an ability to focus and pay attention to what’s happening in your glass. Being in a quiet, peaceful space helps as well, but our students can also take these skills out into the world—honing in on being mindful in order to truly taste wine (vs just drinking wine!) can be extremely helpful when at a crowded restaurant or bar.

Where does the inspiration for the music selection come from?

JW: The Sounds of Cloudy Bay was inspired by our belief that the best way to truly experience Cloudy Bay is to visit us. However, this is not always possible so we decided to create a sensorial experience that will allow wine lovers to virtually experience the Cloudy Bay winery in New Zealand through the sounds of our natural atmosphere. 

These tracks are inspired by our wines, the flavors, the aromatics and the vineyards from which they come, so we created tracks that complement each. For instance, our Cloudy Bay Te Koko has a complex taste, therefore, we created a sound that was melodic and connected with the Sauvignon Blanc track, but with more depth and complexity of tone. In Te Koko’s track you can hear cicadas and crickets, wine pouring, waves on the shore of Cloudy Bay (Te Koko o Kupe) and footsteps on shingle, among other sounds. Listen while tasting for a multi-sensory Cloudy Bay experience.

How do wine and mediation pair?

JW: Pairing wine with mindfulness is a great way to fully appreciate the complexities of a wine, as imbibers are being mindful of the aromatics and flavor profiles when tasting. The more focused you are, the easier it is to pick out flavors, texture and aromas.

 MP: Taking some time to center one’s self and clear your mind as best you can before tasting is helpful in and outside of our classes; you are basically trying to eliminate distraction. Yoga and even savasana help to calm and clear the mind, and sometimes we practice a mini-meditation prior to tasting. We then mindfully notice the color, smells and tastes of the wine, how it feels in our mouth and anything else that may come up.

What’s a good way to integrate a healthy balance of wine, yoga and music?

JW: The way our class is set up is a great way to balance all activities. Begin your yoga session with The Sounds of Cloudy Bay to allow your mind to travel to New Zealand. After your practice, meditate and reach a state of relaxation through the chirping of birds and soothing string soundscapes from our playlist. Finally, find the designated track for the Cloudy Bay wine you’ll be tasting and enjoy a rich sensorial experience!

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