Tips for a super cleanse

You don’t have to wait until you’ve completely overindulged before you venture on a detox mission. A little bit everyday keeps your body healthy on a daily basis.

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Detox. It’s one little word that conjures up many terrifying images of extreme juice cleanses and restrictive diets. But before you run for the hills (and grab a six-pack of doughnuts on your way there), it’s important to know that detoxing doesn’t need to equal endless days of hanger and boring, tasteless food.


n fact, detoxing can be done safely, effectively and in little daily bite-sized doses that will leave you feeling healthy and energised with minimal effort. A winter detox is starting to sound a little more appealing now, right?

“Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to develop mechanisms that rid the body of toxins,” explains nutritionist and author of Wholesome Child: A Complete Nutrition Guide and Cookbook, Mandy Sacher.

“As we move into the colder months, I encourage you to support your body’s detoxing organs through healthy and wholesome food. There really isn’t a need to buy into all the products, cleanses and fad diets out there. A few simple swaps and minor nutritional tweaks will have you glowing from the inside out in no time.”

Just as taking the stairs instead of the lift can improve your fitness, these small incidental changes to your diet can have a big impact on your health.

Daily detox tip 1: Ditch processed, sugary foods

It’s time to say goodbye to refined carbohydrates. Yes, that includes your go-to winter comfort foods – white bread, wraps and rice. Grabbing a warming soup with a bread roll for lunch? Make sure you pick the wholemeal bread option. At every opportunity, choose the wholemeal or wholegrain version.

Processed and sugary foods? We’re afraid they’re going to have to go too. But before you call the fun police on us, we promise you can still indulge in sweet treats.

“There is always a more wholesome option: simply swap to a dark chocolate (70% or higher), and try swapping that glass of wine for kombucha or a sparkling water spritzer (sparkling water and slices of lemon and orange),” explains Mandy.

“Health doesn’t mean deprivation, rather it’s about finding a satisfying alternative that is beneficial to the body.”

…swap to a dark chocolate (70% or higher), and try swapping that glass of wine for kombucha or a sparkling water spritzer.


Daily detox tip 2: Just add veggies

Spending the equivalent of a house deposit on supplements, immune-boosting pills and multivitamins to help you get through winter flu season? Stop. Now. Instead, up the amount of vegetables you’re putting in your shopping trolley.

“Plant foods have a variety of different compounds that help support the body, from antioxidants to phytonutrients to important vitamins and minerals. Create a rainbow plate to ensure you’re getting a good variety,” explains Mandy.

“Many companies will try to sell you supplements that claim to detox or cleanse the body, but don’t underestimate the incredible power of fruit and vegetables.”

Daily detox tip 3: Pull back on coffee

Don’t worry – we’re not here to tell you to go cold turkey on your morning latte addiction. But there could be big benefits to your health if you skip your afternoon trip to your barista.

“Relying on large amounts of caffeine to stay awake can send our organs into overdrive and mess with our natural energy rhythms. Give your body some love by swapping to herbal tea or a turmeric latte from lunchtime onwards,” recommends Mandy.

“Not only will this help you to sleep, you’ll allow your hormones to rebalance and it will go a long way towards reducing stress.”


Daily detox tip 4: No more juices

It’s time to part ways with juice cleanses. Unfollow them on Facebook and Instagram. Delete their number from your phone. Juices don’t have your back when it comes to detoxing your body in a safe way.

“As with vegetables, fruit contains a variety of compounds that will enhance your health, it’s packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins,” says Mandy.

“Unfortunately with juices (and therefore juice cleanses), you’re getting a good whack of sugar without any of the fibre. And what’s more, often these juices, especially the commercial kind, are prepared in advance and sit in a bottle for days! Fresh, whole fruit is a much better option.”

Daily detox tip 5: Detox your mind

Healthy detoxing doesn’t always have to be exclusive to your food choices. Think about some other areas of your life that could do with a cleanse.

Do you spend a little too much time scrolling Instagram when you could be connecting with friends or reading a book? Has your excuse not to exercise for the last three weeks been, “but it’s too cold outside”?

Pick an area of your life you could improve on and implement a daily detox action. Whether it’s banning phone use after 8pm or waking 10 minutes earlier to do some high intensity interval training from the comfort of your lounge room.

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