The best workouts to do outside


Exercising outdoors can provide a refreshing break from working out indoors.

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If you’ve been working out at home and are getting bored with the same old routine, it’s time to take your workout outside. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the seasons changing, as temperatures drop from the grueling summer heat. 

If you’re taking a break from the gym this fall due to COVID-19, taking your workout outside can also be a safer way to exercise, whether that’s on your own or in a class. 

“Exercising outside is better than inside. If you can take a group exercise class, and do it outside, that is probably a less chance of potential exposure,” Dr. Katie Passerrati, an infectious disease expert with Atrium Health, told CNET. 

Beat workout boredom and enjoy the crisp fall air with outdoor workouts, and experiment with the workout apps and routines below.


Audio-based workout apps are a great option for outdoor workouts.

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Best outdoor workout apps 

If you’re heading outside to a park or to work out around your neighborhood, audio-based fitness apps are a great option. These fitness apps are different from most streaming apps since you don’t have to watch anything — like a screen or TV — to do them. Fitness trainers coach you through workouts through your headphones. 

The only downside to these is if you are a visual person and need specific moves demonstrated to learn, but most apps will describe the moves to you so you can hear exactly what to do. 



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Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness app that features lots of different workouts that you can easily take outside — although some are designed for treadmills or other equipment you can find at a gym. 

The classes range from yoga to running and strength training. Many of the strength training workouts require no equipment, so you can easily head outside to your yard or a park and not have to worry about taking things with you. 

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Peloton Digital


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You know Peloton best for its popular smart spin bike, but the Peloton app offers a ton of workouts outside of spin classes. Many of the Peloton app workouts are visual, but they also offer outdoor audio-based running classes. 

Peloton is known for having great running coaches and classes (thanks to the Peloton Tread) but you don’t have to have the Peloton treadmill, or any treadmill for that matter, to join in on the running workouts. The app also uses GPS integration to help you keep track of your guided runs. 

Workout videos to try

If you have a patio or don’t mind taking your computer or tablet outdoors, there are tons of free workout videos you can try on YouTube specifically designed to do outside.

30-minute outdoor HIIT workout

Outdoors bootcamp workout

15-minute HIIT workout

Design your own workouts 

If you’d rather unplug when you work out outside or don’t want to rely on an app to work out, make up your own routine. Designing your own workout is a lot less intimidating than it seems. All you need to do is take basic moves you already know how to do, combine them with cardio or rest intervals, and design your own workout. You can also make “stations” with whatever equipment you have on hand, like a jump rope, weights and kettlebells and rotate throughout each session, circuit-style.

For example, you can alternate one minute of jump rope, 30 seconds rest, and one minute of kettlebell swings for five rounds for a full-body workout.

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