Tamera Mowry’s Skincare Routine for a Makeup-Free Glow at 42

  • Tamera Mowry just shared a radiant makeup-free selfie to Instagram.
  • The actress opened up about aging, writing in the caption that she feels so “comfortable” and “at peace” in her skin at 42.
  • Mowry previously shared her go-to skincare products for a glowing complexion.

    Tamera Mowry is as radiant as ever at 42, and her latest makeup-free selfie proves it. The Sister Sister star and The Real alum just shared a fresh-faced photo to Instagram, and her skin looks straight up ageless. Mowry opened up in the caption about how her perception of growing older has changed over the years.

    “I can remember when I was younger I would think people in their 40s were old. Now that I’m here. I feel the exact opposite. I am just beginning!” she wrote. “Never have I ever felt so at peace and more comfortable in my skin.”

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    She does put some work into her complexion, though. In November 2019, Mowry shared her entire skincare routine on her YouTube channel.

    “I have a mixture of dry and oily skin,” she shared. “In the summer it gets really oily. Of course in the winter, that’s when it gets a little bit dry.” She also suffers from eczema on her face, explaining that “growing up, I just thought there were weird dry areas.”

    Because of the condition, her facialist, Shani Darden, said it was important to give her face extra love. So, Mowry developed a skincare routine that’s helped keep her skin happy and healthy. Here are her top tips for a glowing complexion.

    1. She starts with a gentle cleanser.

    In the a.m., the first product Mowry reaches for is the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, which is mild but contains willow bark and salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and keep pores clear.

    “I love this because it literally gets all the makeup off your face,” she said. As an actress, Mowry said she has to wear a ton of makeup, so “it’s really important that you get all of that stuff off.”

    She rotates with Shani Darden’s Cleansing Serum, which contains skin-soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, olive leaf extract, and oat extract.

    2. She takes off her eye makeup with coconut oil.

    After cleansing, Mowry reaches for some Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil to remove any remaining eye makeup on her face. “I know you guys have gone through this, where you’re tired at night but you don’t get all of your makeup off, especially around the eyes,” she said. “I discovered that coconut oil is the best thing for that after you wash your face.”

    She simply scoops out the coconut oil and rubs it on her eyes. “Then, in one swipe it gets away the extra residue,” she said while wiping her eyes with a cloth. “It’s so soft and smooth.”

    3. Up next, brightening serums.

    Once her skin is squeaky clean, Mowry applies iS Clinical’s Super Serum Advance Plus. “This is my secret,” the actress said. “There are tons of vitamin C serums out there, and they’re great because they give your skin that glow. At the same time, they also help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, like my neck.”

    “All you have to do is just put one or two drops in your palm. You can also concentrate it under your eyes—this is great for puffy under-eyes or dark circles,” she said while applying the serum to her face and neck. “See how glowy and dewy that looks?!”

    “You can never use enough serums,” Mowry joked. Then, she reached for her next favorite, the Dr. Nigma Serum No. 1, which is made from plant stem cells. “This one in particular helps plump and hydrate your skin so it never really looks dry,” she said.

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    4. She goes for an oil-free moisturizer.

    Because her skin has a tendency to skew oily, Mowry opts for an oil-free moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated without feeling too heavy. “My skin can be oily, and when you’re putting a lot of serums on your face, you don’t want too much oil or moisture on your face, because it’ll just be too much.”

    She loves Shani Darden’s Oil Free Moisturizer, which features hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and red algae extract to plump the skin and retain moisture. “You’re not going to get these extra blemishes,” Mowry said about the product.

    5. Sunscreen is a must.

    Mowry always wears sunscreen before heading outside. “When I was growing up, I thought that because I was a woman of color, I thought I didn’t have to use sunblock,” she said. “Because I thought I’m not going to burn, the sun loves me.”

    “As you get older, it doesn’t matter how dark you are, you still can get those little sun spots and damage your skin from the sun, so it’s really important to use sunblock,” she added.

    Mowry’s favorite is the SuperGoop Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50. “This one is an oil-free sunscreen. It has sunflower extract in it, and I like it because it’s light,” she said.

    6. She cuts down on sugar and dairy.

    Mowry says her diet also plays a huge role in her complexion. “I think it’s important that we talk about what we put on our inside that can affect our skin,” she said. “When I eat burger, fries, tons of sugar, dairy, it all shows up on my face.”

    That’s why she follows a primarily plant-based diet. “Plant-based diets are huge for your skin. You will slowly but surely find your skin naturally clearing up and glowing,” she said. “I feel like foods are natural medicine for our bodies, and we have to listen to that.”

    Alcohol also affects her complexion, so she also minimized the booze. “You know I love wine, but as I got older, I had to reduce some of that alcohol drinking because it affects your face,” she said.

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    7. Hydration is key.

    Mowry prioritizes drinking a ton of water every day. “It’s important that we hydrate. If you find yourself drinking less water, you will feel dehydrated. Well guess what, your face will be dehydrated, too,” she said. “When you’re dry, that’s why you start to crack, that’s what happens to your face.”

    “I like to drink a gallon of water a day,” Mowry said. “I try. But I know for a fact that I drink at least 68 to 74 ounces of water.”

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