VP Digital Marketing at Itamar-Medical | Digital Health Expert | Business Growth Mentor | mHealth Israel | G-CMO  getty While Covid-19 was the catalyst for the shift to remote monitoring and telemedicine, its importance will not fade even after the pandemic is finally over. Forecasters at Polaris Market Research project that the […]

Before the pandemic, I took my blissful eight hours a night for granted. But in the aftermath of lockdown, I found myself waking in the early hours, with an agitated mind whirring at approximately 100mph. If, like me, you’ve been experiencing disturbed, sleepless nights or vivid dreams more frequently, you’re […]

The end of the day often comes too fast, and many of us may find ourselves not quite ready to settle down. There may be those last-minute emails to send, dishes to do, others in the household who need your attention, or anxieties about tomorrow’s to-do list. All of that […]

Several yoga poses can help you ensure better sleep Highlights Yoga can help you boost overall health Some yoga poses can help you sleep better Drinking chamomile tea can also help you ensure better sleep Yoga is truly one of the most adaptive practices as it is open for all […]