Positions at GS-four and above require specialized expertise, education, or coaching associated to the occupation. Examples of qualifying specialised expertise are supplied for these occupations where such info is presently available. Examples of qualifying submit-high school education or training are also provided. An applicant has 8 months of GS-four stage […]

Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Eka padasana can have a calming effect on your body Highlights Start your day on a healthy note Doing yoga in morning can be beneficial for you Eka padasana can strengthen ankles and legs Morning time is indeed a better time to exercise and do […]

You know that awful upper-back tightness that comes with hunching over your work desk all day? Well, fitness guru Shona Vertue is about to help you with that. The Australia-based trainer, former gymnast, and self-proclaimed “badass with a good ass” has a 15-minute yoga and mobility sequence that combines passive […]

Each month, a new trainer takes us through four of the most grueling workouts they have in their back pocket. Follow along weekly for new ways to sweat it out with us. See All After most people take their first yoga class, their initial reaction is: “Wow—I feel so calm!” […]

A bad morning can follow you throughout the entire day — raise your hand if stubbing your toe on your bed frame and spilling your coffee all over your new white shirt snowballed into unnecessarily snapping at your partner and an overall foul mood. While we can’t do much about […]