The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life as we knew it and has brought with it much more than just a virus without a cure. It has impacted several people in India and around the world.It has brought with it adversity in various aspects of our life. From loss of loved […]

Numerous changes in the mental health care system over the past several decades, including budget reductions, have led to increasing numbers of individuals with mental health concerns presenting with care needs in our state jails and prisons. Researchers from Harvard Medical School has found that one in three inmates may […]

“I think you may be dealing with an anxiety disorder,” my therapist, a fellow Latina, told me during our second meeting when I attended a rehabilitation center for alcohol use disorder in the summer of 2015 at the age of 29. “Does anyone in your family have a mental illness?” […]

I think it’s safe to say that this hasn’t been the easiest year for most of us. The Covid-19 pandemic that ground everything to a halt back in March is still causing disruption across the world, and lockdown measures continue to restrict who we can see and where we can […]

The 57-year-old fashion designer gets candid about self-care and pearls as therapy—and his own struggles with self-acceptance, which led to his latest fragrance, aptly named Perfect. 1. Social media has a creative impact on my sense of well-being. I have this urge to express myself, and I kind of feel […]

Mental health and wellness for kids and adults are the goals driving Geneva Yoga, a nonprofit organization based in Provo. Next month, the organization will be partnering with Provo Recreation to help community members to increase their health in these areas. Geneva Yoga provides yoga and meditation classes for kids, […]

– You can start off with the simple and basic practice like Surya namaskar which can also be called sun salutations. This practice enhances your activity and keeps you fit. Initially try to complete 3 to 5 cycles of Surya namaskar and then, once you are comfortable you can increase […]

Exam season in colleges and universities is a very strenuous and tiring period for a student. Long study hours, sleepless nights, stress and anxiety regarding their preparations, all these things have a great toll on their health. Life in college is very different from that of school. For, back in […]