Like it or not, virtual schooling means that a lot of kids are now spending their days in front of a screen. The shift is a challenge for all of those involved. But taking short breaks — let’s call them mini-recesses — could help your kid stay focused. “Movement is […]

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL — In January, Laura Kowalski opted to leave behind the long hours of working in the corporate world to focus her energy on being at home with her family. Two months later, when the global coronavirus pandemic hit, the Arlington Heights resident decided to start a new […]

Getting children to take their medicine, especially horrible-tasting syrups and tablets, can be very stressful and traumatic for everyone, especially the poor child concerned. But since medicine is a necessary evil, there are a few things you can do that might help medicine time feel like a less scarring experience […]

Kids yoga expert Sabrina Merchant shows you the easy and fun way to introduce yoga to kids. Introducing yoga to children in the early years helps establish healthy habits. Yoga can enhance your child’s flexibility, coordination, memory, help with self awareness, build attention span, reduce stress and anxiety and so […]