A lot more goes into golf than you may realize as you’re watching the professionals swing their clubs with ease on TV. In order to up your game on and off the course, balance and flexibility is a must. Past research has shown it can affect everything from your driving […]

Shipping refrigerated foods, medicines, and vaccines is a precarious business. “Fundamentally, if one thing goes wrong there’s a domino effect,” Amazon Web Services general manager Sarah Cooper said. $28 billion refrigeration company Carrier is working with Amazon Web Services to develop a new digital platform to help connect the fragmented […]

The world is still settling into a new normal as we start heading into the colder months. Along with the usual challenges that come with the seasons changing, we’re also having to deal with new ways of living through  coronavirus. All of this makes maintaining your health, fitness and wellbeing […]

For decades, scientists have known that aerobic exercise improves your brain function. Unfortunately, studies also show that to achieve those brain-boosting benefits, you must exercise vigorously, which, for many, is impossible. (Getty Images) However, new research hints that yoga may have similar benefits. This is hopeful for those who are […]

While there are over 20,000 people who sign up for MLS Fantasy every season, many people have trouble figuring out how to put together quality fantasy squads. In this guide, I will show you how to just that, at least from an intermediate player’s perspective. © MLSSoccer.com I definitely don’t […]