© Photo and Graphics: Well+Good Creative twisting yoga poses It’s month your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine of quarantine, and if your body is feeling a bit stuck and stagnant, you’re not alone. The current reality might require you to maneuver yourself into different positions (WFB: working from bed, for instance) or you might simply […]

Image Source: Getty / PeopleImages I always warm up for my morning yoga flows with Snake Pose. There is no rhyme or reason why it’s the first move I gravitate to every day, other than it just feels right — and experts confirm I was right to listen to my […]

Mental health and wellness for kids and adults are the goals driving Geneva Yoga, a nonprofit organization based in Provo. Next month, the organization will be partnering with Provo Recreation to help community members to increase their health in these areas. Geneva Yoga provides yoga and meditation classes for kids, […]

The transition between summer and fall holds so much promise, poignance, and hope. Think about the mixed feelings many of us have about leaving summer behind, going back to school, and feeling the temperatures drop as the air cools. Julie Bacon Ayurveda states that pitta seasons stretches from late spring […]