Image Source: Getty / MarioGuti “Dying in a Leadership Vacuum” — that’s the title of a new editorial published by editors from the prestigious medical journal New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on Oct. 8, less than a month before the general election. With Election Day fast approaching, the journal, […]

The New England Journal of Medicine made a rare political move Wednesday, publishing an editorial by dozens of U.S. editors who denounced the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and said this election “gives us the power to render judgment.”  © Bloomberg cbsn-fusion-president-trump-voter-fraud-false-claim-election-impact-thumbnail-560760-640×360.jpg The editorial, titled “Dying in a […]

The New England Journal of Medicine has been publishing for a couple of centuries now, and in that time it has never endorsed or condemned a political candidate. That kind of peddling in subjective opinion has been counter to its mission of delivering science-based information. But we live in times […]

© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo The New England Journal of Medicine slammed America’s ‘dangerously incompetent’ politicians for their failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic and celled for Donald Trump to be voted out of office in a blistering editorial.   The editorial, released Wednesday, was an unprecedented move for the Journal […]