The leader of the free world is now fighting his own battle with a virus that’s laid global siege. A concoction of some experimental treatments is helping him do it. © Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images A car with US President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of […]

Osteopathic doctors are happy to share their techniques, but most could stand to receive a little more credit for their contributions. In recent years, M.D.s have gathered scientific evidence that supports osteopathic claims, but often without referencing those osteopathic origins. For example, D.O.s contend that the growing interest in fascia—tissue […]

It makes sense if the pressure cooker of events that have come to define 2020 have you feeling on edge. Among them include the existential threat of COVID-19, a tense election season, and a societal reckoning with the systemic racism (and its far-reaching implications) that continues to metastasize in this country […]