It’s finally here! Amazon Prime Day has arrived and brought with it tons of deals on Alo Yoga apparel. This athlesiure brand is a go-to for high-quality, on-trend pieces, which are even more enticing when they’re on sale. Score a deal or discount on all kinds of stylish leggings, sports […]

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Like it or not, virtual schooling means that a lot of kids are now spending their days in front of a screen. The shift is a challenge for all of those involved. But taking short breaks — let’s call them mini-recesses — could help your kid stay focused. “Movement is […]

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a successful detox depends on whether you belong to one of three main body types: hot, cold or neutral. If you are a hot person, you tend to feel the heat more and are likely to be impatient, restless or excitable. Hot people should avoid […]

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, successful detoxing depends on your body type. There are three main body types: hot, cold and neutral. If you are a neutral person, you do not fit neatly into the hot or cold categories, but border on a hot person. You can therefore have a […]

Groton — As the four participants in Patty Serraro’s 8:15 a.m. Baptiste yoga class on Tuesday rolled up their yoga mats and prepared to leave the 90-degree room, they gushed about how much they love their instructor. “We love Patty. We follow her wherever she goes,” said Andrea Miller, a Mystic […]