Lapatilla octubre 12 2020, 11:01 am All of this violence is connected, and everyone is a target. Photo: El Nacional   While foreign governments, NGOs and UN organizations condemn the extrajudicial killings and impose sanctions, the Venezuelan population still believes in the iron fist speech, to Maduro’s advantage. By Caracas […]

Being a health buff, Alice Dixson stressed the many benefits one can get out of juice cleansing. She shared with fans her insights on cleansing and fasting, their many kinds, and their advantages and disadvantages via her YouTube vlog on Sept. 26. For the benefits, Dixson cited how one can […]

Set aside a weekend, it’s time for spring cleaning — more accurately, spring cleansing –even though it is already summer. Perfect for the procrastinators among us. Spring cleansing means detoxifying your body, says Linda Page, ND, PhD, a naturopathic doctor, lecturer, and author of the book Detoxification. It’s […]

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SeroVital, the brand built to support wellness from the inside out for mature users, has launched SuperSaturated Restoring Cleansing Cloths. Developed for women with mature skin, these cleansing cloths are designed to not irritate or dry out delicate aging skin. It uses a […]

Cleansing and exfoliating are usually considered to be two separate steps in your skin care routine, but not with these scrubbers. Silicone cleansing brushes clean and exfoliate your skin at the same time. Usually made out of food-grade silicone, these non-irritating brushes easily fit in the palm of your hand. […]