Self-confessed yogi and teacher Emma Maidment explains why we should ignore many of the assumptions about yoga, and why it’s a practise that everyone can benefit from. Especially now.  Top: Nike Yoga Womens Dri-Fit Tank Tights: Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7⁄8 Tights This article was brought to you by rebel […]

Mimi: So, last year, me and seven teens went to Scotland to have a bit of a digital detox. So, we lived in the forest without our phones for a whole week, and we also were joined by some special guests – Jack Fowler, Amy Hart and Joe Weller. It […]

Audrey Masitsa Certain foods have been known to enhance your body’s natural detoxification process (Photo: Shutterstock) Our bodies are well-equipped at getting rid of harmful toxins. Your digestive system, liver, kidneys, skin, respiratory tract and lymphatic system are all tasked with removing these toxins from your body. Since we are […]

Set aside a weekend, it’s time for spring cleaning — more accurately, spring cleansing –even though it is already summer. Perfect for the procrastinators among us. Spring cleansing means detoxifying your body, says Linda Page, ND, PhD, a naturopathic doctor, lecturer, and author of the book Detoxification. It’s […]

Image: 123RF Detoxifying your body can improve your overall health and also promote weight loss, apart from improving digestion and liver function, reducing inflammation, and boosting energy. While your body is equipped to detox itself on its own, you can certainly aid it by following these simple tips. Stay Hydrated […]

Detoxification or detox is a popular buzzword in the world of health and fitness. You probably have seen a lot of people popping pills and gulping colourful drinks in the name of detoxification. But in reality, our body does not need all these things to detoxify itself. As per dietitian […]