© Jose A. Bernat Bacete FDA warnings about eating black licorice are being reshared after a man in Massachusetts died. Doctors explain how black licorice could impact your heart health by limiting your body’s potassium production. A new case study suggests that eating black licorice daily could impact your heart […]

The 11 artists will tell interweaving stories that produce and revel in a spiritual cleansing of authentic, joyful Blackness. At the start of September, JAG Productions, Writer/Director Stevie Walker-Webb, 11 actors, two documentarians, a producer, and a chef set out on a month-long retreat to explore the question, ‘Can a […]

The nurses gathered in the nation’s capital from all across the country. WASHINGTON — On Saturday, nurses from across the country marched from Black Lives Matter Plaza to the MLK Memorial located at the National Mall. Marching not just for themselves, but also for their patients. “Black Nurses Matter is […]