Small Business Spotlight: BK Yoga Club

Owners: Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson
Established: February 2019
Based in: Brooklyn, NY
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BK Yoga Club Location

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BK Yoga Club Location

Since early 2020, people across the world have had to adjust to a “new normal” brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. For many, self-care has become a top priority.

Here in Brooklyn, BK Yoga Club is on a mission to help New Yorkers find their “home away from home” during these times of uncertainty.

After opening their studio in Feb 2019, co-owners Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson have joined the movement of reshaping what a yogi ‘should’ look like by opening up a studio that is body positive and inclusive.

BK Yoga Club Founders: Ferguson (left) Alexandra (right)

BK Yoga Club/PIX11 Team

BK Yoga Club Founders: Ferguson (left) Alexandra (right)

“We are firm believers that yoga is for everybody — people want to see themselves represented in yoga and that comes with body size and ethnicity,” Alexandra said.

Alexandra said that they’ve received support from the local community, even after closing the in-person space in Dumbo the first week of March.

Since then, Alexandra and Ferguson have transitioned from in-person yoga classes to holding classes virtually. For $12, yogis are able to join their instructors online for one of the 2-3 classes they offer each day. Now, Alexandra said that they’ll continue to remain a virtual studio throughout the rest of 2020.

As wellness practitioners, Alexandra said that she felt like it was her and Ferguson’s responsibility to help their yoga community navigate the pandemic.

“We’ve collaborated with therapists and others within the wellness community to be able to help support those in need during these times,” she said.

Message of hope

BK Yoga Club/ PIX11 Team

Message of Hope

The yoga club has also hosted online wellness retreats and talk groups that share tips on how to practice self-care amid the pandemic.Although the pandemic has brought feelings of uncertainty for business owners all over, Alexandra remains hopeful for the days to come.

And for her yogi community, she leaves this message:

“ Recognize that you’re not in this alone. Take ten minutes of your day to really pour into yourself — it’s important that we remember to focus on the things we have the most control over during this time.”

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