Should You File a Philips CPAP Machine Lawsuit?

Should You File a Philips CPAP Machine Lawsuit?

A recall for Philips CPAP and BiPAP machines started in June 2021 when its manufacturer announced the possible risks associated with their devices. Their machines’ defects caused injuries such as permanent respiratory complications, organ damage, and cancer. Shouse Law Group attorneys are helping those affected by the recall file injury claims, so they can get their life back on track. 

What to Expect from a CPAP Lawsuit?

Sleep apnea machines from Philips are used to help sufferers get quality sleep without breathing issues at night. Philips CPAP machines are meant to avoid severe respiratory complications while a person sleeps and improves their sleep quality. However, a serious defect was discovered in these machines. Philips CPAP lawsuits have been filed after the company announced a recall of many of its machines and acknowledged that a polyester-based polyurethane foam embedded in them can get into a user’s body through inhalation and ingestion. It has been found that the foam can degrade and break down into tiny particles and enter the machine’s airpath. Attorneys are currently helping victims pursue injury claims so they can get compensation for the long-term health issues they suffer due to this defect. The particles can cause a person to suffer from severe respiratory problems like inflammatory responses or cancers. 

Potential Health Risks of CPAP Machines

Philips CPAP machines can lead to different injuries due to the degradation of the foam. The breakdown is said to cause a release of toxic chemicals into the air pathway of the devices through which they can be inhaled or swallowed by users. Such consumption can result in serious complications such as respiratory infections, skin and eye irritation, sinus infections, asthma, sore throat, and symptoms. Those who experience these symptoms should see their doctors immediately because they can be a sign of more serious issues. Also, symptoms documentation is essential to the lawsuit process. Victims must speak with their attorneys to make sure they have enough documentation to fight for their rights. 

What to Do If Your Device is Recalled

If your machine produces black debris, stop using it and call your healthcare provider right away. Some black particles may not be visible to the naked eye but can still cause health issues when inhaled. Visit the FDA website to know if your machine model is on the list of recalled devices. If it’s on the list, seek medical attention and call a lawyer. Your attorney will review your case to know if you qualify for a lawsuit.

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