Outside of a barre class at a boutique studio in New York City, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a woman who had just purchased a new pair of yoga pants after class was heard saying, “I’m just gonna change into this now, because if I go home to shower, I […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our lives; and without our favorite ways to shake off unhealthy summer habits, many of us have been left to wonder how we’re going to manage this year’s summer detox. Between shutdowns and social distancing, workouts in the gym have become […]

Julia and Cornelia Gibson have turned their passion for representing Black women into brand that is making waves in the fitness and wellness community. (Photo: Toned by BaggedEm) These sisters are making sure that Black women are represented in the wellness industry. Julia and Cornelia Gibson founded Toned by BaggedEm […]

Paul Kriegler, a registered dietician with Life Time, has some tips for how to get more vitamin D in your diet — orange juice not required. GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — The University of Chicago Medicine recently found an association between being low on vitamin D and the likelihood of becoming […]

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – The FitKids360 Program combines basic education about nutrition, behavior, and exercise with a wide range of physical activity to help kids develop healthy habits including eating better and becoming more active! This program is a childhood obesity intervention program that benefits hundreds of children and their families […]

Detoxification or detox is a popular buzzword in the world of health and fitness. You probably have seen a lot of people popping pills and gulping colourful drinks in the name of detoxification. But in reality, our body does not need all these things to detoxify itself. As per dietitian […]

Q. My wife wants us to get into yoga, but I’d prefer something more physical, any suggestions? —Marc W. Yes, try yoga. Depending on which discipline you choose, yoga can relax your body, cleanse your mind, or kick your butt! There are multiple forms of yoga, each designed for a […]

Gyms and yoga studios may be reopening in some areas, but the threat of COVID-19 makes going to these establishments a risky move. Just as bad is being inactive for months. If you’re not careful, days of coronavirus-related stress and anxiety and stress-fueled eating can prove detrimental to your health […]

Several Arizona nurses will spend the next few months in the US island territory of Guam taking care of COVID-19 patients. Guam health leaders said they saw a significant surge in August and September, and they’re expecting more people will need to be hospitalized. About 50 travel nurses working through […]

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Exam season in colleges and universities is a very strenuous and tiring period for a student. Long study hours, sleepless nights, stress and anxiety regarding their preparations, all these things have a great toll on their health. Life in college is very different from that of school. For, back in […]

Photo: Vgajic | Getty Images Photo: Vgajic | Getty Images Photo: Vgajic | Getty Images How to Achieve Holistic Health and Fitness While Quarantined Months of quarantine have disrupted all of our wellness routines. As gyms faced closures and everyone was forced to remain in their homes to protect public health, […]

We’ve all heard that famous saying before, “Health is wealth.” And while we do agree with the sentiment, health isn’t always about lifting weights, going on runs and shopping for healthy foods available in the supermarket. Especially in recent times, where the pandemic has essentially halted most of the economy. Sometimes all […]