Jacqueline Fernandez has some fitness tips for all of us

Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her perfect figure. The actress works out like crazy and is very serious about her health and fitness. She truly inspires you to hit the gym. And every time she posts pics of her workouts on Instagram, netizens go berserk.

Jacqueline Farnandez fitness

We got talking to the actress about her fitness regime recently. Jacqueline is more than happy to share some great health tips. Speaking about her understanding of fitness she says, “Aim to have flexibility, stamina and strength. Cardio builds up stamina, it could be running, dancing, swimming.”

Jacqueline further states that weights are not essential for losing weight. “Weights are essential for muscle toning not losing weight,” she clarifies.

Jacqueline Farnandez fitness

The girl who believes in yoga says that she swears by the asanas. “To achieve flexibility stretching and yoga is the best,” she mentions. Jacqueline even gives some great fitness tips Says she, “Drink a lot of water. I carry a bottle all the time. Consume at least two cups of green tea/herbal tea daily. Also no carbs is not a healthy approach. Many don’t know that some health foods also have calories, hence have small portions. And very important, don’t push yourself too hard. You will injure yourself.”

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