Home care workers rally at State Capitol calling for lawmakers’ support amid pandemic

Home care workers and those they provide for held a rally at the Minnesota State Capitol Saturday calling on lawmakers to take action and support their critical service during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Workers with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and their clients in cars, on foot and in wheelchairs shut down an intersection near the Capitol in an attempt to draw attention to their cause. 

The workers say they have been putting their lives at risk throughout the pandemic. However, while they have heard plenty from lawmakers about how important their services are, they say those lawmakers have taken no actual actions to protect them. 

“The problem is we’ve gotten nothing,” said Shari Lackey, a home care worker and SEIU Healthcare Minnesota leader. “The legislators have met five or six times and they’re going to meet again this Monday and we’re always left behind. 

SEIU Healthcare Minnesota represents more than 40,000 health care and long-term care workers in hospitals, clinics nursing homes and home care across the state. 

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