FACTS FOR FAMILIES: 10 tips to stay active at home | Health, Medicine and Fitness

5. Parents vs. Kids Fitness Challenge: Challenge your kids to a fun fitness contest. See who can do the most jumping jacks, who can do the most pushups, or who can hold a plank the longest.

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6. Go for a bike ride: A quick bike ride around the neighborhood is a great way to get moving. Bring the whole family along to get everyone moving.

7. Play sports with your kids: This is a great opportunity to get in the game with your kids. Instead of watching them play a game of basketball, soccer, jump rope, or tag, get in the game.

8. Yard work: This can be a great time to get some things done outdoors. Weeding, trimming bushes, raking leaves, or gardening can be great exercise. Relax, unplug, and tap into nature.

9. Take the stairs at home: Try going up and down the stairs more to get in some extra physical activity.

10. Have a cleaning party: Cleaning can be a great form of exercise. Put on your favorite music and get going. This can be a great way to get your family moving too!

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