Dietitian reveals how to naturally detox your body

Detoxification or detox is a popular buzzword in the world of health and fitness. You probably have seen a lot of people popping pills and gulping colourful drinks in the name of detoxification. But in reality, our body does not need all these things to detoxify itself.

As per dietitian Lavleen Kaur, detoxification is a natural process that is carried out by our internal organs like kidneys and liver throughout the day. “Our body is designed in a way that it can eliminate the toxins from the system naturally with the help of internal organs. There is no need to follow any special diet for this,” she said.

She added that detoxification is a natural process that cannot be initiated or stopped. All we can do is support the internal system to carry out the process more efficiently and smoothly. She listed down some important habits that can prove to be beneficial to detox the internal system.

Set your eating window

Lavleen suggests that when you eat your food is as important as what you eat. Limiting your food for a certain interval of time can help you detox your body. “The interval of fasting may vary from person to person. But remember in the name of detoxification it is not good to starve yourself,” she added.

Consume raw and fermented food

Add nutrient and fibre-rich foods in your diet. This can ease the process of digestion in the body and can support the process of detoxification. Even fermented food items like curd, idli, dhokla, kefir and pickle must be a part of your diet. Fermented food helps in the formation of good bacteria, which improves gut health and eventually improves your overall health.

Cautious with fat-soluble vitamins

The dietitian also advises being careful while consuming fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K. “Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the body for a long time. They can pose a greater risk of toxicity when consumed in excess,” she asserted. Having a well-balanced diet does not lead to toxicity, but including supplements can be harmful.

Focus on a plant-based diet

Lavleen supports a plant-based diet as it is better for the gut and organ when trying to detoxify. Non-vegetarian diet has the most toxins. So, it is important to limit the intake of animal-based foods. Have a well-balanced diet that contains both animal and plant-based foods.

Avoid processed food

Refined and processed foods only contain calories and zero nutrients. The high-calorie foods increase the chances of diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Lavleen advises excluding these food items from your diet for better health and body activity.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential to support healthy body function. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day is paramount for health. The dietitian recommends drinking cumin and carom seeds water to detoxify.

How to make it: Add 1 tablespoon of cumin and carom seeds in 1 litre boiling water and leave it overnight. Heat the water a little bit in the morning and drink it throughout the day.

Besides, sleep and exercise also play a major role in keeping us healthy and improve regular body functionality. So, sleep soundly on time and exercise everyday to stay healthy and fit.

How to naturally detox your body by dietitian Lavleen Kaur

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