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Switch on the TV, and you’re bombarded with ads and infomercials about fad diets and clear-skin potions. It all seems cooky, so it was with a fair amount of scepticism that I agreed to “test-walk” a detox foot pad.

Ingredients and claims

These detox food pads are supposedly composed of “all-natural ingredients” such as eucalyptus, agaricus and tourmaline. The manufacturer claims the patches improve the flow of blood, lymph and chi. They also claim that the patches are effective for people who bruise easily, are easily fatigued, are drinkers/smokers, or who suffer from insomnia.

Alarm bells started going off for me at the mention of “traditional” (such a useful catch-all term: it suggests authority, but it could just mean old-fashioned).

Using the patches

Applying the patches to my feet was rather like attaching a pair of teabags with sticky tape. But with them on, I became aware of the blood flow in my feet, something I didn’t expect. Was there something in this after all?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Health24 does not approve of quick detox solutions in the form of diets or products. Instead, we recommend a change in eating and drinking habits to ensure a balanced diet and lifestyle all year round.


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