Debunking Some Very Common Myths About Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss is a very common notion that circulates among people of all ages around the world. And people do so many things to lose those extra inches. From eating a simple diet to fasting, exercising, and whatnot. But most of these things don’t really work out that well. Perhaps some things are just a part of marketing gimmicks and we fall for them. Based on expert inputs, Let’s take this day to debunk some myths about some foods and drinks associated with weight loss.

Detox Water Aids Weightloss 

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Well, as disheartening as it may sound but this is a myth. A lot of us drink detox water regularly to lose weight but we are not always too satisfied with the result. That is because expert nutritionist Pooja Banga specified that detox water is simply water neither does it promote weight loss nor detox. Drinking water regularly has it’s own benefits of improving all body functions. Plus, things like cucumber, mint, etc. that are used in detox water have their own set of benefits.

One Must Avoid Carbs To Lose Weight


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We all go by this common notion that suggests we avoid carbs to lose weight. But carbs are not our enemies and we must understand this. In fact, the body draws fuel from carbs only. And the study of diet and nutrition is very complex. But you should understand that there are good carbs and then there are bad carbs. We need more of good carbs and that is why we must not try to avoid carbs in order to lose weight.

Going On A Low Sodium Diet Can Help In Weightloss


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Another very prevalent thought is to go low on sodium and it will help you get toned that too faster. Well, that’s definitely true it’s just half of the truth. Basically, the thing is that a low sodium diet helps you to reduce water weight. Water weight is the weight of water content in our body. It keeps varying every day as we eat or drink something. But you would see no drop in the amount of fat in your body. And fat loss is the most important aspect of weight loss. So, don’t let your efforts go in vain.

Green Tea Facilitates Weight Reduction

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Moving on to myth number 4, we have the very widely accepted myth, that green tea facilitates weight reduction. It is important to know that this statement is entirely hollow and doesn’t help at all. Green tea has properties that can promote the process but you need more than 4-5 glasses a day to get that process started. The tea does contain potential elements that can help you lose weight but the quantity is very less. So, all in all, the tea also doesn’t help you in losing that fat belly.

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It Is Ok To Be Skipping Dinner


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That is one of the most baseless myths. Skipping your dinner can actually turn you weaker and may also result in slowing down your metabolism. The fact is, that eating dinner doesn’t make you fat, eating calories does. If you regulate your diet and keep proper control on yourself then things will be easier on their own. So, we suggest you to stop making useless efforts and start doing logical things. A balanced diet, a workout session daily will improve the process of weight loss. Therefore, it is important to be logical and rational.

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