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Yet still, we have elected leaders like Congressman Greg Gianforte, who are trying their best to strip health care away from Montanans, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Greg Gianforte has vocally opposed the Affordable Care Act since he first entered politics. Gianforte called the landmark health care law “a disaster,” and he’s pledged to dismantle the ACA “piece by piece.”

Even more recently, Gianforte voted in support of the lawsuit to gut the ACA and Medicaid expansion, and he offered his unqualified support for President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, who, if confirmed, is widely believed to be the final nail in the coffin of the ACA.

Congressman Gianforte’s insistence upon tearing health care away from Montanans in the midst of a pandemic is downright dangerous. If Gianforte and his D.C. allies manage to successfully overturn the ACA, Montanans will pay the price.

This November, Montanans will decide whether to elect a governor who is focused on protecting and expanding access to health care, or a governor who is actively trying to strip it away.

Unlike Gianforte, Mike Cooney has spent his entire career delivering results for Montanans and fighting to defend our health care. During the battle to reauthorize Medicaid expansion, Cooney visited nearly every rural hospital in the state. Thanks to Mike Cooney, nearly 1-in-10 Montanans have access to quality, affordable health care.

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