Are you wondering why you are not able to achieve your workout goals even after hours of exercising? That fixed workout routine that you do for several hours will not get you the desired results, and neither will you eating unhealthy, and lifting the wrong weights will help. It is […]

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – The FitKids360 Program combines basic education about nutrition, behavior, and exercise with a wide range of physical activity to help kids develop healthy habits including eating better and becoming more active! This program is a childhood obesity intervention program that benefits hundreds of children and their families […]

Exam season in colleges and universities is a very strenuous and tiring period for a student. Long study hours, sleepless nights, stress and anxiety regarding their preparations, all these things have a great toll on their health. Life in college is very different from that of school. For, back in […]

Photo: Vgajic | Getty Images Photo: Vgajic | Getty Images Photo: Vgajic | Getty Images How to Achieve Holistic Health and Fitness While Quarantined Months of quarantine have disrupted all of our wellness routines. As gyms faced closures and everyone was forced to remain in their homes to protect public health, […]

We’ve all heard that famous saying before, “Health is wealth.” And while we do agree with the sentiment, health isn’t always about lifting weights, going on runs and shopping for healthy foods available in the supermarket. Especially in recent times, where the pandemic has essentially halted most of the economy. Sometimes all […]