Bizarre Health Trend: Bodybuilders Drinking Breastmilk to Achieve a Better Sculpted Body

The health benefits of breastmilk for an infant are known to all but a new bizarre health trend has emerged in which grown-up men are buying breastmilk to strengthen their muscles and have a more bulked up body. As per a report published in ETimes, more and more male fitness enthusiasts have started believing that breastmilk can provide the same nutrients and health to them as it provides to a newborn. Also Read – Health Tips From Milind Soman: Actor Bursts 3 Most Common Myths Related to Food

The new trend gained momentum after a web docuseries titled ‘(Un)well’ showed a man describing the use of breastmilk in building his body. Named JJ Ritenour, the bodybuilder said that breastmilk has the best of nutrition and it’s always recommended for the growth of a baby, therefore, it’s also good for the growth of muscles in a grown-up man. “Why? If I wanna grow and be the best that I can, I’m going to eat like a baby,” he said. Also Read – COVID-19 Related Miscarriage is Now a Reality: Here’s All You Need to Know About it

So can we be sure that this weird trend is right? Actually, it’s not safe. The whole point of advising the intake of breastmilk to an infant is to make sure that the baby is having all the nutrients that are present in a regular meal through the milk. However, since babies can’t have food or eat everything that’s essential for their growth, their mothers are advised to eat those healthy food items and breastfeed the baby to pass the nutrients to them. A body of a grown-up man is, of course, designed differently than a baby. Also Read – New Symptoms of Coronavirus: Ever Heard of COVID-Toes? Here’s All You Need to Know

Breastmilk has a lot of potential benefits including healthy antibodies that help fight various infections. It is also more easily digestible than any other milk. However, a grown man’s body needs more nutrients than that. Those who are working out aggressively on a regular basis to have a sculpted body, more energy-rich foods, and a heavy protein-based diet are recommended which is a lot more than what breastmilk contains. Using breastmilk to build a body is also a little risky because there’s no trace of the source or what a woman might have eaten before donating. Further, a donor’s history of infections, health conditions, and diet are unknown in most cases.

Breastmilk is available for buying but relying on its consumption for a grown-up man seems totally unsafe and bizarre. Your thoughts?

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