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Not long after I (and many others) started working from home, I realized there wasn’t going to be an easy substitute for all the walking I did while commuting, picking up lunch, and meeting up with friends after work. It was my most regular form of exercise, and overnight, the five-plus miles I clocked daily without even trying plummeted to basically zero. While going down an internet rabbit hole looking for solutions, I came across other folks’ DIY treadmill desks — or smaller-than-normal treadmills placed beneath a work surface so one could walk and, well, work. While it’s certainly become more popular in the past few months, under-desk exercise gear is not new. The more I looked into treadmill desks, I noticed a few new-ish ones that were quite tiny — seemingly small enough to fit in my bedroom turned office and quiet enough that my roommates and downstairs neighbors wouldn’t loathe me for walking a few hours each day.

In doing more research on treadmills with small footprints, I started to zero in on brands that specifically made models for people, like me, who have no dedicated space in a living room or study for any exercise gear — who, instead, need to easily stow it between uses. There were three that stood out in this regard, including the WalkingPad R1 Pro, Treadly 2 Pro, and LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill. I reached out to all three brands about testing their models, and WalkingPad and Treadly each sent me one to try.

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