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We’re no strangers to being slightly fatigued and bloated after a weekend of revenge eating and drinking.

While a few Negronis and some hearty grub is definitely food for the soul, we can’t say the same about the gut – thus, enter the juice cleanse.

While its effectiveness for weight loss might be debated, a juice cleanse done properly can give your body an opportunity to heal and detoxify.

So, to help you navigate the treacherous terrain of juice cleanses, here are our top recommendations.

Ega Juice Clinic

Focused on finding your body’s natural balance, Ega Juice Clinic’s thoughtfully crafted juice cleanse plans follow the principles of Ayurveda.

Most of their cold pressed juices (which come in recyclable glass bottles) contain natural Ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric, ginger, lemon, and amla (Indian gooseberry) which have myriad health benefits including strengthening the immune system, countering inflammation, and enhancing metabolism.

Their programs (starting at $100 for a one-day cleanse) are also specifically tailored to your Ayurvedic body type, so you can expect to get the most out of your cleanse.

Shop Ega Juice Clinic here.

HIC Juice

Whether you’re looking for a one-day cleanse (from $115) or a more serious five-day plan (from $550), HIC Juice has got you covered.

Their wide range of juice cleanse programmes are designed and certified by qualified nutritionists, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality, tried-and-tested product.

Plus, a juice cleanse from HIC is also not just going to benefit your body, but also the Earth.

Their commitment to sustainability runs throughout their production process, from using ingredients only from farms practicing sustainable agriculture and bottling juices in glass to implementing bottle recycling programmes.

Shop HIC Juice here.

Juix Up

Juix Up prides itself on its range of 100 per cent raw, unpasteurised, and preservative-free cold-pressed juices, ensuring that your juice cleanse free of additives and preservatives and as clean as it can be.

Opt for their Signature Cleanse (from $95 for one day) or the superfood-packed Super Series Cleanse (from $120 for one day).

And it certainly won’t be boring with inventive flavours like the Tropic Frolic with watermelon, pineapple, and passionfruit, or the Zesty Ranger, a reinvigorating pineapple-pear-cucumber-lemon concoction.

Shop Juix Up here.

Juice Tales

Juice Tales has a wide range of juice cleanse plans to meet your every need, from a classic one-day Juice Program (from $59.90) to Juice For Mum To Be and 5 Days Slimming Diet.

The ingredients for their juices are just as far-ranging, from classics like apple and carrot to more exciting additions like star fruit, almonds, and spirulina.

And with all of their juices being cold-pressed, you can be sure that you’re getting all the nutrients they have to offer.

Shop Juice Tales here.

Pure Juice

As the name suggests, Pure Juice ‘s line of raw cold-pressed juices are 100 per cent natural and free of added sugar and preservatives.

Their detox cleanse sets (from $69) are quite simple and straightforward, and count amongst the most affordable options you’ll find in Singapore.

Their cleanses also include a couple of smoothies (with vegan and dairy-free options) alongside the juices if you’re finding an all-juice cleanse a little too daunting.

Shop Pure Juice here.

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