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That yoga is important is a known fact. But what are the rules to follow for people who are starting to do yoga at home? Well, there are no rules per se, just some things that you ought to be mindful of, so that your fitness journey becomes as effective as it can be. Read on.

* Have a slow beginning. You do not have to jump right into it. While there can be many online videos out there to overwhelm you, remember that only you know and understand your body. Just start with a simple basic asana and work your way up. Also you do not have to dedicate a lot of time every day; just aside a few minutes.

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* Always be mindful about your posture, because every yoga asana focuses on the form. The entire process can be counter-productive if you do not keep the correct posture. You can always ask an online teacher about what kind of form to take, or cause pause videos to understand exactly how you can bend your body.

* Do not worry too much about your workout clothes; just wear something that is both comfortable and stretchy. Ideally, you must keep aside a pair of pants for yoga, which will enable movement. Do not wear too many accessories that can restrict your form.

* Always listen to your body and never go against it. Don’t force your body into doing anything — the process of mastering an asana is always gradual. If you feel your body is not behaving, take some rest and then begin again.

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* Do not get into the rush of buying expensive mats and other such workout paraphernalia. Make use of what is already available to you in your house, and when you begin to enjoy the process, you can start buying related accessories online.

* Go easy on yourself. If on someday you feel excessively stressed, just go for meditative poses. On days when you feel energetic and relaxed already, you can try some of the more challenging asanas.

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