Aquarium in Hong Kong hosts yoga lessons in front of aquatic life

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – Against the vivid backdrop of a giant aquarium filled with sharks, manta rays and other aquatic life, a yoga group on Thursday, Oct. 8 performed side planks, lunges and outstretched their arms the to the ceiling.

Aquarium Yoga

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Aquarium Yoga

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park has begun offering fitness activities such as yoga, meditation and dance classes to keep its flagging business afloat and offset deep losses due to the coronavirus.

Yoga instructor Jessica Lee said the fish in the aquarium were a calming presence during her class.

“It’s really, really nice to kind of be like I am one with them, and I am like in the water, and I’m moving as fluidly as they are,” she said.

The 43-year-old theme park and Hong Kong Disneyland have been shuttered for most of the year, only reopening in September. Both parks are mandated to operate at half-capacity and face masks remain required.

Ocean Park said it would for the first time open hiking trails underneath its cable car ride which overlooks the South China Sea. Air-conditioned tents will be available for those who want to camp and barbecue, it said.

“I think those new activities are superfluous as [I think] it’s unnecessary to do yoga and hiking in Ocean Park. We need to pay extra money to join the hiking activities, while hiking [elsewhere] is supposed to be free. Yoga should also be free if you do it in the open,” said park-goer Ms. Sze.

At over $774 million in debt, according to its latest annual report, Ocean Park secured a $696.7 million government bailout in May- which it said would help it stay operational for another year.

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