Alice Dixson breaks down the basics of juice cleansing

Being a health buff, Alice Dixson stressed the many benefits one can get out of juice cleansing.

She shared with fans her insights on cleansing and fasting, their many kinds, and their advantages and disadvantages via her YouTube vlog on Sept. 26.

For the benefits, Dixson cited how one can get lots of vitamins and minerals. She said these practices are also anti-inflammatory, help the body raise its immune system, are energy boosting, and create healthy enzymes for gut efficiency. The possible risks, according to her, are fainting, dizziness and headaches due to having less calories, temporary weight loss, and pre-existing conditions could worsen.

Dixson also shared how she was hospitalized for food poisoning in 2012.

“The antibiotics and medicine that they gave me were so strong that it also killed all of the good bacteria in my digestive system and left it very, very weak,” she recalled. “Also, my diet back then was not that great. It was poor in quality and lacking in nutrition and also because of my taping schedule, I developed insomnia because I always sleep late.”

For two years, she suffered from inflammation, gas and heartburn, bloatedness, irritability, constant fatigue, food intolerance and poor digestion.

She then decided to try a cleanse, and in 2014, through the guidance of her cousin Camilla Griggers, she underwent a super feed/feel detox. She did ten days of liquid fasting in between her shooting schedule and various events.

“In my opinion, it helped detox my liver, improved my bad eating habits, increased my energy levels and gave me a greater sense of wellness,” she said.

So what’s a juice cleanse?

“A juice cleanse is simply a liquid fast where you stop eating solid foods simply to give your digestive system rest and time to restore your gut microbiome,” she explained. “It’s not starvation and you can drink as much liquid as you want anytime whenever you’re hungry. There’s no limit,” she explained.

During juice cleanse, she said the drinks one can consume are fresh juices, potassium broth (made of celery, beets, onions and carrots with coconut oil), honey lemon drink or calamansi, coconut water or buko juice, kombucha, herbal decaf teas and lots of water.

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Image: YouTube/Alice Dixson

Drinks with caffeine, soda, sugar or artificial-sweeteners are not allowed, as well as dairy, flavored milks, alcohol and artificial juice drinks.

But before juice cleansing, one has to prepare one’s body.

“It’s recommended that you go raw. Raw means uncooked fruits and vegetables either in the form of salads or blended shakes. This will give a chance for your stomach to prepare for going from solids to liquids,” she said. “[You] can eat as much as you want but raw animal protein is not allowed like eggs, kilawin, sashimi, tartare.” JB


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