5 GPS Watches To Track Calorie Burn, Workouts, Step Counts, Heart Rate and Much More

After months spent perfecting your garden and home workouts, it’s only natural that you’re hungry for adventure. But before you embark on your solo expedition in search of greater fitness, we suggest you take this opportunity to hit pause and take stock of your training tech. More specifically, GPS watches. Today’s trackers clock much more than how far and fast you move. With hundreds of calibrated sport modes, heart rate monitoring, motion sensors, barometers, compasses and even blood oxygen sensors, they are effectively mini-performance labs on your wrist.

These next-generation GPS watches don’t just keep pace when your quest for extra stamina goes off-road – they can help you hit the right training intensity and provide feedback that ensures your workouts are truly benefiting your fitness, too. They even reveal if your sleeping patterns are undermining your efforts, plus which workout to choose next, based on how well you’ve recovered overnight.

That’s a lot of tech to get to grips with. So the Men’s Health Lab experts strapped on the best coaching watches money can buy and put them through rigorous testing on the roads, trails and pandemic-induced backyard boot camps. Now we can reveal the tech that really pushes you to make progress. Try to keep up.

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